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Dental Crowns

​Dental Crowns in Rocky Mountain House
Local General Dentist in Rocky Mountain House, AB


Dental crowns are used to restore the look and functionality of damaged teeth. Also referred to as a cap, crowns can bring shape and strength back to teeth that have been broken, discoloured, or affected in any way.


Crowns are hollow artificial tooth that seamlessly covers the affected natural tooth. This helps bring your tooth back to aesthetic and functional levels that allow you to enjoy chewing, smiling, and speaking. 

Preparated premolar tooth and dental crown placement

Porcelain Crowns


Porcelain crowns are one of the most natural looking options when it comes to choosing a cap to protect, cover, and aesthetically enhance the shape and appearance of your teeth. These crowns are often used when traditional fillings can’t be, and help restore your teeth from damage and trauma caused by severe tooth decay.

Direct Billing of Insurance
Accepting Emergencies and Walk-Ins
Dental Services for the Family
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We offer all dental treatment options for all ages from routine dental checkups and cleaning to comprehensive dental procedures. Book your dental appointment with our general dentist today!

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