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About Us

About Mountainview Dental Centre

Local Dentist in Rocky Mountain House, AB

Why Choose Us?


When there are so many options for dental care, why choose our practice to meet your needs? 

We strive to take patient care one step further. This is done through getting to know every patient on a personal level; we develop a good understanding of your oral hygiene routine, your habits, and any oral health issues you may be facing. From there, we can use this information to our and your advantage to create a customized treatment plan that meets your needs.


We know all of our patients are unique individuals, and every treatment plan reflects that. Whether you need two cleanings per year, three, or six, or need bimonthly x-rays or ten fillings at once, we’re here to meet all of your needs and take care of your oral health. Nothing is more important to us or brings us more satisfaction than taking great care of our patients. 


Our Goals and Vision

Our vision, goals, and execution are unparalleled. We make it our everyday goal to connect with our patients, target all their problem areas, and help them love their smiles again. We want to see you thrive, smile with confidence, and lead a healthy life. All of that starts with taking great care of your smile, both now and for as long as you need.

Direct Billing of Insurance
Accepting Emergencies and Walk-Ins
Dental Services for the Family
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