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General Dentistry

General Dental Services in Rocky Mountain House
Local General Dentist in Rocky Mountain House, AB

General Dentistry Treatments


Our general dentists are your primary care providers. We diagnose, monitor, and treat potential or existing oral health issues that can crop up in your everyday life. This can include oral care needs such as:

General Cleanings and Oral Exams


It’s important to visit your dentist every six months to have your teeth professionally cleaned. Our hygienists take every step to ensure your oral health is being maintained and improved at each one of your visits with thorough and precise cleanings.


During your visit our hygienists will polish, clean, and floss your teeth to remove any hardened plaque build-up. This is important to prevent cavities and tooth decay and maintain a high standard of oral health. They’ll also apply a topical fluoride treatment as an extra step in long-term cavity prevention. 


We’ll also take the time to examine your teeth, face, neck, and jaw for any abnormalities. This time is spent looking for early signs of gum disease, oral cancer, cavities, TMJ issues, and more. These exams are just as important to your oral health as cleanings.

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Root Canals


A root canal removes the infection in the pulp of your tooth, eliminates all the bacteria, and restores the affected tooth back to health. The goal is to save your natural tooth as much as possible.

Root canals may cause a little discomfort and inconvenience, but are completely safe and routine. Millions of patients have their teeth restored with root canal treatments every year!



The most common reason for a filling is to fill a cavity that has appeared in the tooth. A filling restores the tooth back to health, helps restore the tooth’s structure, and makes sure it can function normally again! This means no pain and no cavities.


Types of Fillings


There are many different options for fillings, designed to suit every patient’s preference and budget. Here are some of the most common types of fillings:

  • Metal Fillings - Typically Gold or Silver

  • Ceramic

  • Composite

  • Glass




Dental crowns are used to restore the look and functionality of damaged teeth. Also referred to as a cap, crowns can bring shape and strength back to teeth that have been broken, discoloured, or affected in any way.

Crowns are hollow artificial tooth that seamlessly covers the affected natural tooth. This helps bring your tooth back to aesthetic and functional levels that allow you to enjoy chewing, smiling, and speaking. 

Direct Billing of Insurance
Accepting Emergencies and Walk-Ins
Dental Services for the Family
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We offer all dental treatment options for all ages from routine dental checkups and cleaning to comprehensive dental procedures. Book your dental appointment with our general dentist today!

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