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Dental Sedation

Dental Sedation in Rocky Mountain House
Local General Dentist in Rocky Mountain House, AB

Nitrous Oxide Sedation


Visiting the dentist can be a very nerve-wracking experience for many children. If their dental anxiety is particularly severe, their pediatric dentist may decide that they could benefit from nitrous oxide sedation, otherwise known as laughing gas.

The nitrous oxide is distributed through a nose piece, and will not put your child to sleep. The dentist will also be closely monitoring their oxygen levels throughout the appointment as an extra precautionary measure. The effects of the nitrous typically wear off shortly after their appointment, making this a stress-free, easy way to make dentist appointments more manageable for everyone. 

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Dental Services for the Family
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We offer all dental treatment options for all ages from routine dental checkups and cleaning to comprehensive dental procedures. Book your dental appointment with our general dentist today!

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