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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentist in Rocky Mountain House
Local General Dentist in Rocky Mountain House, AB

Emergency Dental  Services


There are many different types of emergencies, and we deal with a broad range of issues. Here are the emergency services we can provide when our patients are in need:


  • Accidental Tooth Loss

  • Severe Chipping

  • Excessive and Sudden Bleeding

  • Sudden and Extreme Pain

  • Partially Dislodged Teeth 


Same Day/Emergency Appointments


We understand dental emergencies can sneak up on you, and when they do happen, having to wait for treatment typically isn’t an option. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, please don’t wait to seek help, or hesitate to give us a call. We’re flexible with emergency appointments and will always try to find time in our schedule to slot you in as soon as possible. 

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When you do call, please describe your emergency so we’re able to determine the severity of it, as well as the proper treatment approach. From there we can determine the best and fastest course of action to restore your dental health. 

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency, and How We Can Help 

Unexpected things can happen to your teeth and oral health. Whether it’s a sports injury, infection, or losing a filling, we’re here to help restore your teeth and smile back. 


Dental Emergencies


There are many different things that can constitute a dental emergency. If you find yourself experiencing a dental emergency, you shouldn’t wait to visit your dentist. Always seek out immediate treatment in the event you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, or any abnormalities. We’re always here to help, especially when it comes to an emergency. 


Convenient Service


Especially in dental emergency situations, we’re always just a phone call away. Please don’t hesitate to call in the event of a dental emergency so we can provide you with fast and efficient care as soon as possible. 


Toothache or Abscess


If you start experiencing symptoms of a toothache, you should call our office right away. One of our dentists will ask you to explain your symptoms, discuss your pain and discomfort levels with you, and then have you booked in as soon as possible for an exam and treatment. 

A toothache can be a dull, throbbing pain that occurs without any external reason. It can also be triggered by eating or drinking, and prevent you from being able to eat or drink normally. Make sure to be specific with your dentist about when and where you’re experiencing the most pain. 


Chipped/Broken Teeth


There’s a very good chance our dentists will be able to save any teeth that have been chipped or broken. However, it does all depend on how your tooth was broken, where it is broken or chipped, and how severe the damage to it is. 

Minor chips in the teeth often aren’t huge causes for concern, and won’t constitute a severe emergency. Your dentist will be able to fix them quite easily in a short period of time. 

However, broken teeth that are both severely damaged and painful may need more treatment. Sometimes, a root canal might be necessary to restore the tooth. If you break your tooth, and especially if you’re experiencing high levels of pain from it, please call our dentists and ask to be seen right away. 


Knocked-Out Teeth


It’s important to act quickly if one or more of your teeth have been knocked out. Time is of the essence with teeth that have been dislodged.


Extruded (Partially Dislodged Teeth)


Extrusion is the term for when a tooth is beginning to come out of its socket. When this happens, it usually means the periodontal ligament has been torn. This can make the tooth appear to be longer, as there’s now more space between the tooth and the socket that’s inside of the gums. 

An extrusion will likely be very sensitive, difficult to eat with, and can become wiggly. This will affect the mobility and functionality of the tooth. 

If you notice a tooth has been partially dislodged, don’t try to pull it out on your own under any circumstances. Extruded teeth can often be saved if you visit your dentist immediately for treatment. They will evaluate the damage and be able to reattach it if they’re able, and if not, the tooth may have to be extracted. 


Lost Filling


You should always see your dentist as soon as possible to have the filling replaced. If you wait too long to correct the issue, you may be putting yourself at risk for tooth decay and other issues that could greatly impact your oral health, and the structure of the affected tooth. 

It’s important to keep the area as clean and unaffected as possible until you can see your dentist. This means you should refrain from eating on that side of your mouth, and rinse as much as possible to make sure nothing is getting stuck. Once you get to the dentist, they’ll be able to clean the area if needed and replace the filling. 


Lost Crown


Any issue with a dental crown requires immediate care. Losing a dental crown can expose the previously protected roots of your teeth, putting you at risk of experiencing pain and sensitivity. 

If your crown comes off, make sure you locate it and keep it. Your dentist may be able to reattach the crown if it’s in good condition.

Make sure you keep the tooth and surrounding area extremely clean. This will help prevent infection and discomfort until you can have your crown reattached. Things like food debris and other particles shouldn’t collect in that gap. Rinse with warm salt water as much as possible until you’re able to see your dentist. 


Injury to the Gums/Tongue/Cheek/Lips That Result in Bleeding 


Any sign of bleeding in the mouth should be diagnosed and treated immediately. Please don’t hesitate to call our office at the first sign of excessive bleeding.

If you can determine where the bleeding is coming from, take a clean cloth or towel and put pressure on the area. If you’re experiencing swelling as well, you can use an ice pack to alleviate both pain and excessive inflammation. 

Direct Billing of Insurance
Accepting Emergencies and Walk-Ins
Dental Services for the Family
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We offer all dental treatment options for all ages from routine dental checkups and cleaning to comprehensive dental procedures. Book your dental appointment with our general dentist today!

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